What kinds of designs would you like to see?

posted over 5 years ago, by ramon

I'm pretty sure that the hundreds of artists out there would like to know the answer to this: what kinds of designs would you like to see on a shirt?

Funny designs? Filipino designs? Funny Filipino designs? Trees, nature, music related? Go nuts and comment!

I’m pretty sure you will be commenting on Facebook, Twitter, and all around, so the staff will do our best to compile them here.

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about 5 years ago, ramon said...

A late comment, but that’s a great link. Thanks @kungfuze!

about 5 years ago, kungfuze said...

yup, more on the fusion of graphics and traditional art..what i also meant is that, designs should have a story that will engage in the people’s aesthetic sensibility…not just a graphic that looks “cute”.

here are some inspirations

about 5 years ago, ramon said...

@kungfuze, what do you mean by real art? Like water color effect?

about 5 years ago, kungfuze said...

i think its about time to offer something new aside from the typical Filipino design.the market offers a huge scale of filipino inspired tees and i guess we should step up a notch and give some fresh ideas. i would still love to see these designs but infused in an international,modern,artistic,abstract-ish,playful,humorous way.
and btw, i want to see a real art on a tee, not just graphics.

about 5 years ago, ramon said...

Tattered shirts! We want to get into all sorts of things, and what you say here adds to our list of things. This is helpful :) Thanks!

over 5 years ago, lemonline said...

making pinoy-themed designs is just as good as cracking up a pinoy joke that can only be appreciated by a pinoy himself. well, im not in to pinoy-fad designs(examples as mentioned by ramon~3stars and a sun, etc.), but i appreciate pinoy-flavored designs (i think a lot of us do) just how we all love our pork adobo in rice. but that doesn’t mean you are being limited as an artist if you are confined with it, it’s just you are doing your thing in that area. and you cannot stop someone cracking his own joke, vice-versa.

i agree with isip regarding the altercation of the existence of an “original” art. because if we say original art, it is never derived from any form, from any concept. that would be possible if we don’t have genre (even abstracts are not original because it imitates impaired human brain functioning). and i must say, the nature, including every single bit of its physical and unseen attributes, is an art. the art we are actually doing is the art of innovation. and as an artist, i think we can grow more if we practice the art of communication, communication not only with our own art and fellow artists, but also with all human beings..the whole world! and in that way, we will be able to break barriers, and art will be limitless! :)

anyway, to answer the question in this post, i love designs with:
>witty messages
>stories behind them
>unusual feel :)
and oh, i love tattered shirts! :)

over 5 years ago, ramon said...

Wow you guys write novels! I really like the discussion that’s brewing up here.

In my opinion, I prefer the designs that aren’t blatantly Filipino. Like the map of the Philippines, 3 stars and the sun. I like the more subtle designs that anyone (yes, including people from other countries) can appreciate, but they’ll be appreciated even more by a certain culture – particularly Filipino because that’s where I’m from.

But even then, my wardrobe has to have variety. I also want designs that are more about geek culture and video games. I want designs that take some brain matter to understand. I want plain shirts. All that just means that there’s space for many kinds of ideas. The moment we see all designs on this site go down a narrow path or a common trend, then that means we’re dying a slow death as a creative community. As this Wired article states, “This is why other people are so helpful: They shock us out of our cognitive box.”

over 5 years ago, isip said...

they say art is an imitation of life. and i think it is. you cant create something without sensing it first. that’s why there is no such thing as original because something existed before something has ever been made.

you cant blame designers here in TIS to love Filipino designs because its the one they know best. they live, eat, breathe and die Filipino. and yes, they are Filipino. they say, an artists task is to know the people and to know them well. and what else do we know best than being Filipino. i cant relate much to “pop culture” and stuff but i can relate well with Filipino culture. this does not mean that i, as a designer, am limiting myself to only Filipino but its just a way expressing myself well(and speaking in foreign language really limits my expression.)

and with these in mind, there is no such thing as “international appeal” because there is no global culture to start with. that’s why mayans draw differently with indians and egytians and igorots because we are all a mix of culture and race in the world. culture is an offspring of the current system. and if the system is commercializing ourselves, our patriotism, our dignity, as i do believe that it really is, then it does.

but im not saying that we do nothing about it. or we get by with it. sadly, it is true that patriotism (3 stars and a sun, ako mismo, ninoy/cory) is now a fad. notice that the current system uses art to maintain status quo. art is a powerful tool. but as an artist, we do something about it.

i strongly believe that art is not for arts sake. you wont draw a line that means absolutely nothing at all and call it art for the sake of calling it art. art is more that calling it art but its a mirror of all the dialectics that is going around us.

and finally, you cant create art on your own. the sad thing about the culture today is that it promotes individualism (ako mismo, ako ang simula, survivor series.) it negates the fact that to create something, you cant really rely on yourself alone. you cant influence yourself. you can’t teach yourself something you don’t know. that’s why humans developed big brains and vocal chords to pass the knowledge they know. and in the end, if you practiced collective effort, you wont just feel oh so good about yourself, everybody will.


over 5 years ago, iQuitt said...

I don’t usually mind the Filipino designs, but I think we’re over-doing it. I understand that most of us are über patriotic, but there’s more to art than just Filipino influenced designs. If that’s all we’re going to make, then we’ll have a very limited range. The art world is massive. But we seem to only cater to Filipinos. I guess we could make Filipino influenced designs, but be mindful that we’re not the only culture or race or country in the world. We should dish out designs that have an international appeal. Plus, it kinda feels like we’re commercializing ourselves, our patriotism, our dignity…

I know a lot of designers that make Filipino designs just because they know that they’ll sell. Whenever we have an art competition someone always enters a Filipino patriotic theme because that someone usually hopes it’ll better his chances of winning. Art’s not about the money. Guess I’m just a believer of art for art’s sake. Haha!

Plus, don’t suggest designs if you’re a designer. Do them. Create what you feel. Don’t borrow from other people’s imagination. If it doesn’t sell, then try again. And if it does, you’ll feel oh so good about yourself.

over 5 years ago, theBominator said...

A Pinoy Monster Line-up would be cool, done in a doodle-thingy most designers do nowadays…