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So, who's the winner?

about 4 years ago - by ramon, 7 comments

From the latest batch of designs, who are the winners? [continue reading]

Landed in Egypt

about 4 years ago - by ramon, 5 comments

Yup, a shirt is there! [continue reading]

It's been a while...

about 4 years ago - by ramon, 4 comments

It's been a while since I've posted. Heck, it's been a while since any of the staff have posted in the blog! [continue reading]


"Over the short time that I've used and transacted over The Inksquad, two things stood out: 1. Great designs - Their portfolio is replete with awesome shirt designs that you'll be definitely proud to wear. My personal favorite is Space Invaders ( but I sure hope you don't buy it so my Space Invaders shirt will be even more exclusive :) 2. Great service - The shirt was delivered within a few days. There was unfortunately a tiny tear due to the stitched part of the shoulder opening up. While I chose to stitch this myself (instead of opting for a refund or a replacement, which is of course an available service), The Inksquad still offered to give me a full refund! Even if I chose to stitch and keep the shirt! Don't know if I'll ever encounter such great service anywhere else. Despite the little boo boo, it was definitely worth the buy!" - emebarle

"I just bought my first inksquad shirt (ilabuyo) and it is really nice! It was so easy and convenient to purchase from theinksquad and I loved the minimalist but cool packaging. :)" - toffeelicious

"I really really love the "Stop Gummibear Cruelty" t-shirt! It's cool because when i usually buy t-shirts and wear it for the first time people don't really notice, but for some reason I kept getting complimented when i wore the gummibear shirt. People kept saying it was cute and asked me where i got it! I will definitely be buying from you guys again :)" - Anonymous

"ilabyu back my ilabyu shirty!!! It just feels good to be in a shirt, which is created with much passion and attitude. =) " - owrange

"i really really love my inksquad t-shirt!! ^_^ " - glacyl

"Isip recommend this site to me a few months ago and im too busy that time and for now i have to use my spare time to share some ideas to the ink squad community and all creative ideas of isip inspire me. kudos to lee" - saintanlei

"I joined TIS just a few hours ago and I got really hooked with your designs! It's a great portal for us amateur designers to showcase our craft and exchange ideas and tips. thanks and kudos to everyone behind this awesome community! apir sa inyong lahat! keep those creative artworks flowin' :) - Richard "TheSleepyhead" Sison" - TheSleepyhead

"I received my order as scheduled and all 3 tees in good order. I wore it and had my photo taken and it is now my profile pic in FB. Thank you and I hope to order some other shirts again. " - benzie_g

"i have seen miyawtala's peacebol shirt and it looks awesome! i like the cut and the printing method. it has that vintage feel i would love to wear. too bad its miyawtala's size and i cant wear it. ugh. congrats miyawtala! kudos inksquad!" - isip

"I really like my stretchable "psst" shirt I bought from the bazaar..I like the color..the print and most of all feels comfortable to the body..tamang tama for this summer season..feeling cool! Thanks Inksquad - reg" - tigger